8th Wonder Cuisine

July 26, 2019

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Chef:Chef Brittney Moore
Phone: (803) 904-1638
Website: [email protected]
Style: Traditional Southern
Established: June 6, 2017


Armed with determination, her family history of down-home southern favorites and a “must-do” attitude, self-taught Chef Brittney Moore entered Charleston’s Chef Battle and took home top prizes including People’s and Judges Choice.


Brittney’s love for cooking started at a young age on the family farm in Sumter. Under the tutelage of her grandmother, mother and father, Brittney developed her skills in the kitchen and was soon dressing hogs. As she grew her comfort in the kitchen, she took her family recipes one step further- adding just a few extras- turning a delicious meal into a culinary masterpiece.


Today, Brittney brings her favorite creations to local residents and vacationers who are looking for great food with little effort on their part. 8thWonder Cuisines provides catering and personal chef services to folks from Columbia to Charleston. Consider making your life more tasteful, put 8thWonder to work- for a special event, holiday catering, romantic dinner for 2 or family sized meals for a week. You’ve got to eat and she loves to cook!



Who is your Chef inspiration?


“My chef inspiration is Chef Mashama Bailey, the Executive Chef and Co-owner of The Grey in Savannah, Georgia. I first heard of her through a Netflix series called “Chef’s Table”.  As I watched her tell her story about her upbringing, I realized that though our age is not similar, our upbringing was. She learned to cook from her grandmother and mother as did I. I have a Bachelors degree in Human Services, she has a degree in Social Work but we both went back to our true passion which was cooking. She served as a personal chef for years until the opportunity came for her to be a co-owner and executive chef. Her cooking style is very similar to mine. We both love southern cuisine and we both have the passion to make it appealing to others. I’ve never met her but one day I will. I will make a trip to Savannah just to see her at The Grey.”