Associated Model Railroads of Columbia
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We will often give a throttle to our guest, especially young engineers, to run one of our trains themselves. We also generally allow guests of all ages to bring and run their own equipment, whether it’s a young fellow wanting to try his Thomas on the “big” layout, or a seasoned hobbyists trying out his newest masterpiece. If you have a train to try out, bring it down. If it doesn’t run right, usually we can help you find the problem. We usually have members there who can answer many of your questions or offer suggestions about building your own empire. There is no charge for any of this.

Both our HO & N layouts are Digitrax® DCC and provide all the features for your DCC equipped locomotives. However, we have special provision to allow standard DC (analog) trains to operate (without using “zero stretch”).

Associated Model Railroads of Columbia

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