Columbia Interactive Ghost Tours
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Guided by the director of a professional paranormal investigation team, you will experience a ghost tour like you have never experienced one before. With the use of paranormal investigation equipment, you will see and hear responses of the ones who have passed on before us... not just hear the stories.

Downtown Haunted Tour. We walk the streets of Downtown Columbia to places that the spirits see...m to linger. Great pictures and audio responses happen on this tour. We have had everything from being touched, to being told Happy Birthday by the ghosts on our equipment.

Extreme Haunt on Old State Rd Cayce
Request this tour if you want a tour where you never know wwhat to expect. The tales of haunted RR tracks, fires that burn but feel cold and dissapear with a clap of thunder, monkey dogs and appartions running througth the trees are just a very few of the strange happenings reported here. We will have an 8:30 and an 11 pm tour here. This is not for the faint of heart.. This is a dirt road so please keep that in mind when deciding what car to bring. Bring a flash light, cameras, audio recorder, and old shoes. Please note we do not go on private property or cemeteries in this area. We respect their property and do not condone it.

Columbia Interactive Ghost Tours

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