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From the start, the culinary chemistry between Dianne Light and Bill Prato sparkled. First, came Dianne’s on Devine—an instant, yet enduring triumph. As their accomplishments grew, as the accolades poured in, a dream stirred within Bill, executive chef at Dianne’s On Devine: Giving Columbia a true New York-style delicatessen.

DiPrato’s Delicatessen opened May 2004, and, today, the DiPrato’s Experience affords patrons a rewarding escape from ordinary fare. The reward? Delectable food, beautiful décor, and a beguiling balance: friendly service and a pleasant, neighborly feeling.

DiPrato’s, located where the Purple Cow grocer operated, graces a quiet neighborhood barely off the beaten path. Driving up, you notice the rich red brick, set off by greenery, and spacious windows where light pours in. Approaching the wooden, double-door entrance, a thought comes to mind. You’re about to enjoy the DiPrato’s Experience.

You could say a Southern breeze laden with Italian accents drifts through this New York style delicatessen. Dine if you like on the patio where the glassy splash of falling water melts away concerns. Pita chips and pimento cheese are a real treat!

Blend Dianne Light and Bill Prato’s presence and culinary skills and you get a wonderfully popular delicatessen—DiPrato’s.
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