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Direct Accommodations, LLC-

Who Are We?

Direct Accommodation's mission is to offer global hospitality with a twist of Southern charm by delivering superb corporate travel services to our clients. Our leading industry expertise, frontline technology, and comprehensive understanding of the role of each traveler brings customized value and simplicity to your traveler experience. Direct Accommodations guarantees each of our clients a highly experienced Business Travel Specialist to personally manage each of your travel requests. Each of our dedicated Business Travel Specialist offer over 15 years of qualified experience to ensure a positive and passionate rapport with you and your business traveler.

What We Do?

Each of our dedicated Business Travel Specialists will optimize your travel experience and minimize your travel spending. Whether you are a transient, extended-stay, government, leisure, or corporate traveler, Direct Accommodations will ensure a positive experience that meet all of your travel needs. We will take the guesswork and long hours of research out of your hands by negotiating costs with vendors, processing direct bill applications, reconciling credit card charges, and distinguishing accommodations that compliments your needs for location and amenities. Your unique accommodation requests and preferences, loyalty reward numbers, and contact information will be saved in our database for easy access when qualifying travel accommodations to meet your needs.

Who Are Our Clients?

Transient Traveler: Our transient traveler bounces from city to city on a weekly, biweekly, and even on monthly basis. Property location, local entertainment, and access is important to our transient traveler. Our experience and relationships with several national hotel chains and several local boutiques ensure that our clients are partnered with a property that meets their every need. We will update you with local restaurant deals and local entertainment options, along with easy transportation options to satisfy the desire to explore your chosen city all in your short travel time.

Extended-Stay Traveler: Many of our clients spend more time in hotels than they do in their own homes. The extended-stay traveler often spends more than 30 nights in a hotel therefore requires accommodations to suit there extended stay needs. Whether that need is a fully equipped kitchen, on-site laundry facility, or spacious living area, our Business Travel Specialists are qualified to meet the essential requirements of each extended-stay traveler.

Government Traveler: The government traveler must meet the GSA pre-approved government per diem in each city he or she travels. We understand this requirement, and we are experts at negotiating with our vendors to ensure that the government per diem for lodging is met for each of our government clients. Direct Accommodations is also registered as an approved preferred government contractor through SAMS and CCR.

Leisure Traveler: We all need a vacation from time to time. Let our Business Travel Specialists assist you and your family in planning your perfect vacation. Is the Caribbean on your radar or do you prefer a luxury international vacation? Direct Accommodations has partnered with Travel Leaders. Our relationship with Travel Leaders gives our Business Travel Specialists the ability to accommodate any leisure travel request or dream you may have.
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