Five Points Association
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Five Points Association


*SPECIAL UPDATE* - 3/11/2020

The Five Points Association is a non-profit organization whose principle task is ensuring that Five Points stays an integral and important part of the city of Columbia. The Association has accomplished and endured many major infrastructure, development and beautification projects over the years. Some of these projects include: the construction of two signature fountains, a monumental street-scaping project executed by the City of Columbia, a village-wide beautification project and the creation of a master plan, design guidelines and a new zoning overlay. In keeping with beautification, each year the organization retains an outside contractor to keep Five Points a beautiful and clean landmark within the city.

Not only is the Five Points Association concerned with the aesthetics of Five Points, but also the merchants, the patrons, and the residents. On average, the Five Points Association boasts more than 100 members each year. Merchants in the area stay involved in the annual events and charity functions as well as contribute to an overall sense of unification and comeradery.

The Five Points Association hosts annual events that continue to grow with each year and entertain thousands of people within the city of Columbia as well as the state of South Carolina. From over 30 years of St. Pat’s in Five Points to the Five After Five concerts, the calendar year is full of great opportunities for patrons to enjoy Columbia’s favorite village!

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