Harriet Barber House
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Harriet Barber House

The Harriet Barber House has its own unique website where you can read more about it and make a donation to help maintain the facility. Please click on The Harriet Barber House. You can look at the pictures of what the Harriet Barber House looked like before to get a good idea of the amount of work that has already been done.

Additionally, please watch this video where our cousin, Marie Adams, was interviewed about the Harriet Barber House, a historic landmark from the Barber family dating back to the 1800's. History in the Midlands: Harriet - Barber house: "There are several historical sites right here in the Midlands that give folks a glimpse into the past in a way that will impact their futures. However, many midlands residents are unaware of these local landmarks like the Harriet-Barber house."
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