Oyster Bar
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The Oyster Bar

Twelve years ago there was a moment in time that every mother remembers. The son, a University of South Carolina business school graduate in a white collar job, turned to his mother and declared that he wanted to open an Oyster Bar. Just like that. No experience, not a day of working in a restaurant (besides a little bartending in college). The son traveled to his hometown of Williamston, North Carolina to consult with the owners of Sunnyside Oyster Bar.

The son's dream became a reality. His idea has grown into an iconic venue in Columbia's Historic Vista. Guests can always find local "shuckers" behind the bar to take care of their seafood needs and the mother always up front greeting with a smile—you can call her the 'Mother Shucker.' Every night the food is fresh, the sauce is warm, the butter is melted and the drinks are cold! John, the son, thanks you for helping his dream become reality and welcomes you to "The Pearl of the Vista."
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