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Pontoon Rentals and Tours LLC

Pontoon Rentals and Tours operates on the beautiful Lake Murray in Lexington, South Carolina. Having lived on the lake for over 30 years, we know all the local attractions and the best ways to enjoy a great day on the lake.

Our company serves a niche market by offering a unique pontoon boat rentals and boat tours on Lake Murray. Differing from a traditional boat rental service, we will pick up your group of boaters wherever is most convenient for you along Lake Murray. Depending upon your location, a delivery or fuel charge may apply. From there, your Lake Murray boat tour or pontoon boat rental fun will begin! We provide both captained and bareboat pontoon boat rentals, so there is something for everyone.

Lake Murray, often called "The Jewel of South Carolina", has over 750 miles of beautiful shoreline and a dam that runs one and a half miles across the Saluda River. The lake has become the focal point of the area, and is a major attraction for business and recreation in South Carolina.

At Pontoon Rentals and Tours, we provide pontoon boats that are fully equipped with all necessary safety equipment, rope, anchor, ladder, cooler, and map. You and your party of friends can enjoy Lake Murray at your own pace while cruising along the water, sun bathing, swimming, and visiting the islands of Lake Murray, "The Jewel of South Carolina".

Within Lake Murray is an island that is referred to by various names - Lunch Island, Doolittle Island or Bombing Range Island. During the summer, thousands of Purple Martins (a small purple bird from the swallow family) nest on the island each evening. At dusk, boaters gather near the island to experience the sight of thousands of Purple Martins coming to roost on the island for the night. At Pontoon Rentals and Tours, we offer a boat tour that includes viewing the Purple Martins roosting.

Secure pontoon rental quickly and easily by visiting our website thru the link below. Once you're on our site, select the Reservation button at the top right of our homepage. We look forward to providing you a great rental experience on our beautiful lake!

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