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The 70-year-old DJ will open “The Woody,” a new club in the Vista at 808 Lady St. (And, yes, that means the current occupant, the Blue Martini, is going out of business next week after a decade in that spot. But more on that later.)
“It’s going to be like a tribute to my 50-year radio career,” Windham said, adding he will decorate the walls with memorabilia from the past half-century, including awards he has won and newspaper articles about him.
Windham said he proudly will display them all, including the multiple articles detailing a run-in with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department in the early 1970s in which he said deputies found marijuana growing in his garden. He finally pleaded guilty after a year of fighting the charge.
The club will open at 5 p.m. daily with a happy hour, and Windham will start charging admission at 7 p.m., when he starts spinning discs from genres that span his career. That would be Top 40; rhythm and blues; country; rock; progressive rock; disco; beach, boogie and blues; and oldies. In that order.
Windham will go soft for the first couple of hours and then will bring in a younger DJ, Robert Elwood, for the late-night crowd about 9 or 10 each night.
“In the Vista, they don’t even put the lipstick on until 11,” he said. Windham, meanwhile, still will be getting up early for his gig as a morning show host on Magic 98.5.
Windham’s daughters, MacKenzie, 31, and Jennifer, 32, will run the club. It also will serve some food, including a “Beach Billy” burger, named after one of Windham’s radio characters. And of course, it will have a beer and liquor license.
But mainly, Windham said, the club will be about dancing.
Bob Percival, who has run the Blue Martini for the past two years out of its decade of operation with his girlfriend Michelle Forrest, said he thinks Windham will be successful in the spot.
“Whether you are spinning records or you are doing live music, it’s just a neat little place for music,” Percival said

The Woody

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