Thirsty Fellow
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Thirsty Fellow

Thirsty Fellow Pizzeria and Pub is the brainchild of Willie Durkin, known for his previous establishments: Shannon's, Sneakers and Durkin's. Willie went in search of the perfect pie and found it in Charlotte. Peter Reinhart, author of American Pie, faculty member of Johnson and Wales, and owner of Pie Town, makes the pizza he was looking for. Willie successfully completed a pizza course at Johnson and Wales, and brought the perfect pizza to Columbia.

Owners Willie Durkin, Chuck Belcher, and Terry Davis want you to join the Thirsty Fellow family. Located in the USC Innovista area, we have a comfortable atmosphere, a great menu, a full bar and plenty of televisions. Open for lunch, dinner, late night and Sunday brunch, put Thirsty Fellow on your "to do" list.
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