MOA Korean BBQ & Bar

1333 Main Street
Columbia, SC
A bowl filled with delicious and colorful blend of veggies and proteins to create a fusion of Korean flavors. Bartenders displaying a lineup of colorful cocktails from the MOA menu for the soft opening MOA Korean BBQ Don't Miss Out We're Open for Lunch

Welcome to MOA Korean BBQ & Bar where you’re not just a diner, you’re the chef too! Picture this: you and your friends gathered around a sleek, smoke-kissed table with a mesmerizing grill right in the middle. It’s like a culinary campfire, and you’re the grill master!

Korean Barbeque’s early origins can be dated back to more than 2000 years. Traditionally, Korea’s most common meat for indulging, through barbeque, is known as 삼겹살 (sahm-gyup-sahl). This pork cut is an un-marinated and fatty variety of the current barbeque style seen throughout America today which features a wide range of delicious meats which has since become a trend, arising in the 80’s. Another form of early Korean grilling is known as 불고기 (bool-goh-gi), a marinated, thinly-sliced cut of beef in a char-broiled and flavorful sauce. In early Korean tradition, meat was considered a luxury. Additionally, in a time where Korea was considered a poor country, the only meats that were consumed and prepared, were typically through soups and stews. However, whenever meat became available, Korea wanted to prepare this meat in the most delicious way possible thus sparking the movement of modern Korean Barbeque as it is known today.

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