Modern Companion Pet Boutique

508-B Lexington Ave
Chapin, SC 29036
(803) 941-7123

Founded by Maddie Shutts, Modern Companion is a pet product brand with a mission to unite pet lovers through stylish accessories. Maddie, a dedicated pet parent and designer, started the brand in 2019 to offer modern, gender-neutral pet products. Balancing a full-time role as a UX designer and pursuing an MBA, Maddie created a line of contemporary accessories with natural tones suitable for all pets.

In 2020, Maddie collaborated with illustrators and local seamstresses, launching products in retail stores. The brand’s brick-and-mortar store in Chapin, SC, opened in March 2021, becoming a community hub for pet enthusiasts. Modern Companion gained recognition in July 2022 as one of “America’s Coolest” by PETS+ magazine.

Today, the brand continues to handcraft products in-house, with a diverse inventory of 150+ brands. With a presence in 90+ boutiques and partnerships with Nordstrom and Altar’d State, Modern Companion is a recognized name in the pet product industry. Maddie and the team emphasize the lifelong companionship between pets and their owners.

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