Scott Benny’s

420 McNulty Street
Blythewood, SC 29016
(803) 724-2808

Scott Benny’s derived from its parent company New York’s Famous Hotdogs (NYFHDS) LLC est. 2009. Scott’s father was so impressed with the rapid growth of NYFHDS, that he agreed, that upon his retirement, he would invest in a sister company Scott Benny?s Bar & Grill. Unfortunately, Benjamin J. Whipper III, Scott’s father, would meet his demise before his retirement.

Keeping his father’s dream alive, Scott and his mother Mimi Whipper decided to introduce, on a smaller scale, Scott Benny’s American and International cuisine, the mobile food truck. They are now in the process of spreading their fantastic cuisine to Irmo, Columbia and its surrounding areas bringing Benjamin’s dream into fruition. Scott Benny’s was one of the catalyst for the inception of mobile food trucks in Irmo, SC. Get a taste of royalty!

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