Sully’s Steamers

2835 Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29205
Sully's Steamers yellow and red logo An everything bagel with bacon, egg, and american cheese on a red checkered tablecloth and a yellow background

There’s just something about Sully’s. Yes, there are the sandwiches and all that steam and melty, oozy, luscious deliciousness that drips from every bagel.

But there’s something else about Sully’s. There’s a feeling, a vibe, a sensation to the place that makes you feel at ease, at home, among friends, with family…and without judgment.

It’s just comfortable, like the food. It’s just authentic, like the way you’re greeted. It’s just real, like the complete lack of pretentiousness of the decor, of the folks who work the counter, of the folks who run the place, the folks you’re sitting next to…there’s no pretending here at Sully’s. It’s all as genuine and as real as roast beef.

Be sure to try out staple menu items, like the Breakfast Bagel, California Steamin’, and the Original Italian.

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