Vella’s Restaurant & Tavern

829 Knox Abbott Drive
Cayce, SC
(803) 796-4629
[email protected]

Vella’s Restaurant & Tavern stands as a testament to over 60 years of tradition and hospitality. Founded by Pat Vella, who quarterbacked for the Gamecocks during his time at the University of South Carolina, Vella’s journey began with the establishment of the original Vella‚Äôs Open Air Market in 1951.

Following a setback in 1961 when a fire engulfed Vella’s Deli, Pat Vella demonstrated resilience by rebuilding the deli, which eventually evolved into Vella’s Restaurant and Tavern. In 1999, Walt Hallman took the reins, seamlessly continuing Pat Vella’s dream. Walt, a dedicated businessman and family man, expanded Vella’s in January 2010, adding a larger bar area in the tavern and a fourth dining room, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Walt Hallman and his team embody the Vella’s spirit, treating each employee and customer like cherished friends and family. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a motto of “Done Just Right,” Vella’s thrives as a welcoming family, grateful for the support of its patrons. As they express their gratitude for over six decades of support, the Vella’s family remains devoted to excellence, proudly proclaiming, “We are Kind of a Big Deal!”

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