Village Idiot Pizza (Five Points)

612 Whaley Street, Suite A
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 252-8646

Village Idiot Pizza has proudly served the Columbia community for over 30 years and has been a fixture of the Five Points district since 1990.   Five Points, originally known as “Five Points Village”, was the first commercial district outside of Main Street.  The New York style pizza joint and pub was opened by three college friends from New Jersey who lovingly referred to themselves as “the village idiots”.  Village Idiot Pizza is one of the longest-standing businesses in the area.

Current owners, Kelly and Brian Glynn, who purchased the original enterprise in 2003 have lasting ties to the restaurant.  The dynamic duo met at Village Idiot in their 20’s when working at the restaurant — Kelly as a server and Brian as a cook.  Together they expanded to three locations, and built a community around good people and good food.  The Glynns currently still operate two Columbia locations, actively serve on many committees and boards, and give back through philanthropic efforts like “Pizza for Preemies” to support March of Dimes every November, and have helped donate over 1,000 pizzas to essential workers during Covid-19.  If being an idiot means loving good food & giving back, then let’s all be idiots!

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