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Lexington Live Concert Series Featuring Prettier Than Matt at the Icehouse Amphitheater

Thursday, April 27 @ 6:30 pm



After years of performing together and writing songs that combine catchy hooks with time-tested storylines of life and love, 2019 saw Jessica Skinner and Jeff Pitts, the duo known as Prettier Than Matt, experience divergent events in their own lives. Skinner got engaged to her longtime boyfriend the same week that Pitts’ mother passed away. The jarring combination of happy and sad emotions packed into the days surrounding that week sent the pair down a deeply personal songwriting path over the subsequent year, and now listeners can hear the results on Prettier Than Matt’s latest full length album, Colors.

Focusing inward, Skinner and Pitts found added maturity and evocative imagery in their writing, while musically the duo stayed well within the comfortable acoustic pop style it has perfected through four previous albums.