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Lexington Live Concert Series Featuring The Root Doctors at the Icehouse Amphitheater

Thursday, May 4 @ 6:30 pm



The Doctors are in…

And their prescription of choice is a proverbial hair-of-the-dog, one-two punch. You know, treat the ailment with a dose of cure by the same name.

“It’s simple. If you’re in a funk, well, ya gotta go and get the funk. It’ll fix you straight up,” says Dr. Walter Hemingway, Medical Chief of Staff for The Root Doctors – South Carolina’s preeminent feel-good clinic. “Music – funky music – is the remedy, man.”

Combine heaping portions of bass, rhythm guitarĀ and brass with uniquely hip, feel-good grooves and you have the beginnings of a healing party that is safe to administer in massive doses to any member of the family, ages 8 to 80.