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Date: Sept 20, 2019

Started in Portland, Oregon, in 1991, Everclear wrote and recorded many of the 90s alternative Rock hits. In 1992, Everclear released an EP for $400 with Portland’s Tim/Kerr Label but frustrated by the producer’s lack of promotion, began a self-promotion campaign. After releasing an expanded version of the EP, Everclear signed a deal with a major producer and released “Sparkle and Fade,” which would propel them into the spotlight.

With the release of the band’s third album, “So Much For the Afterglow,” Everclear was hailed Modern Rock Artist of the Year by “Billboard” magazine in 1998. After two more albums, Everclear changed their sound to a more alternative Indie Rock. In 2015, “Black is The New Black” splashed them back on the national scene.

With 11 studio albums, Everclear has enjoyed a lengthy career with many accolades including five top 10 hits, several Gold and Platinum Albums and a Grammy® nomination.The band’s popular songs include “Everything to Everyone,” “I Will Buy You A New Life,” “Wonderful,” “Santa Monica,” “One Hit Wonder,” and “When It All Goes Wrong Again.”

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