Saluda: Hometown to Alamo Hero

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Saluda County’s peaceful country charm will draw you in and the people will make you wish you could stay. A predominantly agricultural based economy; this up and coming county has six major highways and is a short drive from interstate access.

Agriculture is what Saluda County is known for both statewide and nationally. It's sweetest crop, is the South Carolina Peach! As part of "the Ridge" area of South Carolina, Saluda County is the leading peach growing county in the state. "The Ridge" derives its name from the rang of sloping hills that transcend the area. Cold air seeks the lowest point, and the Ridge provides good drainage for the air which seeps in the valleys on either side.

It isn't all farming in Saluda County these days. Several gift shops and country-style, fine dining options draw people to downtown Saluda and Ridge Spring. Men and women alike seek to tame the Russell Breeden designed Persimmon Hill Golf Club. Originally formed by local doctors and opeing in 1963, this public course lays claims to South Carolina's longest Par 5 on Hole 18 boasting 630 yards. It isn't uncommon for folks from all over to fly into the Saluda Airport to experience the "Thrill on the Hill."