5 Places to Visit in Saluda County

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Discover the perfect blend of nature and small-town charm in Saluda County, SC. Explore the historic Town of Saluda’s shops and eateries, hike scenic trails, and enjoy Lake Murray Country’s beauty. Immerse yourself in the area’s agricultural heritage at local farms and markets. With green landscapes and Southern tranquility, Saluda County invites you to unwind and create lasting memories. Pick and choose what activities speak to you in this carefully curated list of places to visit.

Activity 1


Eat an unforgettable meal at Juniper. Located in Ridge Spring, this funky 50s-style restaurant serves up farm-fresh produce with an ever-changing menu. If you’re visiting during the Summer, ask about Chef Velie’s Guest Chef Dinner Series.

640 E Main Street | Ridge Spring, SC 29129 (803) 685-7547

Antique Shopping

Saluda County is well known for antique shopping. In Ridge Spring, you’re sure to find your next treasure during your Lake Murray Country adventure.


Fishing on Lake Murray

Go fishing on Lake Murray. With over 650 miles of shoreline, Lake Murray is home to some of the best freshwater fish, making it the perfect “fishing hole.” With over 12 species of fish, including largemouth and striped bass, talented fishing guides are available to take you out on the water and help you reel in a “big one”.

Fishing on Lake Murray

Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale

Don’t miss the longest yard sale in SC. Each June, the Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale is located on “The Ridge.” This one-of-a-kind experience will give you a scenic tour of Saluda County while you drive past beautiful historic homes and charming small towns.

Highway 23: from Batesburg-Leesville to Modoc | ridgespringsc.com/peach-tree-23

Peaches n' Such

Try the best peach ice cream around at Peaches n’ Such. This Watsonia Farms roadside stand started in the 90s and has since grown into a small retail store, where you can grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pro tip: Depending on the time of year, make sure you check their hours and availability before stopping by.

3771 Hwy 23 | Monetta, SC 29105  | watsoniafarms.com/peachesnsuch