Making Memories at Murals

June 9, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Did you know that murals are tourist attractions? Well, if you drive through our region you’ll spot them…visitors and locals with their cell phones out ready to capture and share the perfect Instagram shot at one of our many murals. In some destinations, visitors pay up to $30 a person for a 2-hour visit to a hot spot mural. In the Capital City/Lake Murray Country region, murals are FREE! Our city is booming with popular murals. I’ve picked just a few of my favorites to highlight here.

The first mural worth mentioning is a Columbia icon, Tunnelvision. Artist Blue Sky created this in 1974; it’s located at 1401 Hampton Street in Columbia. This beauty has been catching views for decades and is still a great spot to take a picture.

Just down the street in Columbia’s Vista is the Lady Vista mural, located at 916 Gervais Street. This one is fairly new but it’s definitely a sight to see. It’s located on the side of Sure Fire Tacos and Urban Outfitters in the Vista. Usually the parking lot is full, so it may be difficult to get a full shot but this one is quite stunning.

The Five Points postcard, created by artist Chad Brady, is a festive mural. Five Points is a local hotspot with bars, restaurants and clothing stores and it’s close to the University of South Carolina. This mural celebrates everything that the city is and is located across from the Five Points fountain at 728 Harden Street, Columbia.

The next mural is a fun spot for the girls…Hotel Trundle, located at 1224 Taylor Street, Columbia, has butterfly wings on the side of their hotel. Artist Megan Carn created this and it is quite a hit. Anyone can pose with the wings to become a radiant butterfly.

Another mural located in downtown Columbia is the mural at the Holiday Inn located at 1233 Washington Street. The mural is of the Gervais Street Bridge and really beautifies the hotel entrance. It highlights the river running through the city.

When you cross the river into Cayce and West Columbia, there are several unique murals. One of my favorites is the “Enjoy The Little Things” mural created by artist Will Bryan. It’s located on the side of a local convenience store in the town of Cayce. It’s super trendy and has a fabulous message to enjoy the little things in life. Check it out at 2015 State Street, Cayce.

Lastly, there is a stunning mural located in the alleyway at 122 State Street, West Columbia. Christine Lutfy created this mural in 2019 and it is vibrant and alluring. The alleyway is tight but the vibrant colors in the mural make the space feel so open and bright.

By: Jayne Baker