Meet a Local: Anthony Gagliardi, Professional Anger & USA Bass Team Member

October 19, 2022

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Travelers know that the locals often have the best inside information on the region. They’ve found the best restaurants, things to do, and in the case of this local where to fish! Welcome to our Meet a Local series of blog posts were we introduce you to locals from Lake Murray Country who love the region and want to share their knowledge with visitors! Make sure to say hi, when you see them around!

Anthony Gagliardi winning Forest wood cup at Columbia life area with familySouth Carolina professional angler Anthony Gagliardi is a member of the USA Bass Team and calls Lake Murray home. Anthony is one of a small handful of anglers who have won both a Forrest Wood Cup (2014) as well as the FLW Tour Angler of the Year (2006).


Why do you love Lake Murray?

Lake Murray offers year-round fishing of many different styles, techniques, etc. As well, the lake is diverse in terms of habitat, water clarity, and depth.

When did you start fishing?

I started fishing at a very young age. Probably around the age of 11 in terms of Lake Murray. Lake Murray is where I fished my very first tournament.

Why is fishing important to you?

Anthony Gagliardi kneeling with fish on boat

Fishing is important to me in many ways, obviously being the means in which I help support my family, but also in the fact that it’s activity through which experiences and memories are made and shared with friends or loved ones. It allows us to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, no matter if you compete in tournaments or just want to relax and have a good time.

What company do you fish for now?

I am backed by many sponsors but take pride in representing Falcon Boats (Newberry) and Pure Fishing (headquarters in Columbia), and of course Lake Murray Country! I also own my own fishing rod company, Level Rods.

If you were visiting Lake Murray for the first time, where would you suggest finding some big catches?

Fishing the many boat docks on Lake Murray gives an angler new to the lake a chance to catch the fish of a lifetime!

What does representing the United States as a member of USA Bass Team mean to you?

Competitive fishing is such an individualized sport, so to be able to fish an event as part of a team that represents the entire nation is an absolutely incredible experience.

Cheer on Anthony and Team USA at the XVI Black Bass World Championship:

usa bass teamLake Murray, South Carolina | October 16-22, 2022

The United States Angling Confederation and Capital City Lake Murray Country are hosting the 2022 16th Annual Black Bass World Championship in Columbia, South Carolina on Lake Murray. The venue of Lake Murray is a world-class bass fishery proven many times by the number of top-level professional bass tournaments hosted there. The southern charm of Columbia, SC, and the surrounding area will welcome all international attendees and provide many cherished memories. This world championship is sanctioned by FIPSed International Federation of Fish Sports Freshwater. Learn more

Learn more about Anthony by visiting his website AnthonyGagliardi.com and make sure to follow him on Facebook for updates.

The majority of this interview is featured in the 2022 Visitors Magazine. Stop by the Visitors Center at 2184 North Lake Drive in Columbia to pick up a copy today.