Partnership Renewal
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Partnership Renewal

Partnership Renewal

Our love for this beautiful region is what we’re all about and sharing it is what helps us grow!

Since beginning in 1981, our regional tourism office has provided award-winning projects and marketing opportunities for a variety of businesses and we have worked tirelessly to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketing environment. Showcasing our region and growing local business is the reason we do what we do and your partnership is vital to making it happen.

Over the years, we have brought hundreds of thousands of visitors, many who fell in love and became residents, millions of dollars in revenue that created sustainability for a variety of local businesses, and built lasting partnerships that transcend our program turning us from “business acquaintances” to being more like family.

Your partnership investment helps CCLMC operate the Lake Murray Country Visitors Center to service guests coming into this region, from all over the world, seven days a week...putting your business information at their fingertips.

It also allows us:

• To place ads in various magazines and publications;

• To expose the region to travel writers, bloggers and influencers;

• To share our local “visit” message on tv, radio and social sites;

• To attract visitors with a glimpse of the region through digital channels, that include our website, online Visit Guide and digital search, before they even leave home;

• To help families and groups plan their trip to spend time in our hotels and moneyshopping, sightseeing, dining and exploring all that makes this region so great;

• Most of all, your support of our tourism marketing allows us to share the genuine Southern hospitality each visitor feels when they come to our region. Your support will keep our region on track to become a go-to destination.

Partnership renewal can be broken into installments for your convenience and we certainly are willing to work with you.

Partnership Renewal
Partnership Renewal
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