Plan Your 2019 Vacation: How To Start Planning Now

January 14, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we enter the New Year, we often look at the calendar as a clean slate. Time to make resolutions- live healthy, attain financial goals, learn something new- time to move our lives forward for the better. One of the most commonly made and often unkept resolutions is to travel.

In fact, while our commitment to our work is commendable, the amount of unused vacation time left on the table each year is unsettling. So unsettling that it’s become a “thing.” According to Project Time Off, about half of American employees leave more than 700 million vacation days unused. In South Carolina, those unused vacation days equate to an estimated billion dollars worth of untapped economic gain!

Tips For Planning Your 2019 Vacation

This year National Plan for Vacation Day is January 29. With that in mind, there’s no better time to start planning your time off than right now. Here’s a short list of things to consider to ensure you make the most of every vacation day you’ve earned:

Consider your families obligations and commitments: coordinating time off can be a challenge but for the physical and emotional well being of your family, it’s worth it.
Set priorities: Concerts, festivals and sporting events make great travel memories but if it causes missing out on a family function, it may cause more angst than fun.
Look at your bucket list: The feeling of checking off a place to visit, event or activity is a huge morale booster and great way to teach kids the importance of dreams and goals.
Set a budget: Not every trip has to be a grand extravaganza. Planning, saving and allocating monies for each trip will allow for better use of funds and more enjoyable travel.
Talk to your boss early: Fear of asking for earned time off should not deter you from using your vacation days. Advance notice allows for planning at work as well as when you return.
Block the time off in advance: Once you’ve got the ball rolling, stick to your plans, keep your dates handy so when things come up you can avoid schedule conflicts.

Taking the time to plan a vacation leads to better use of time off as well as making for happier times and a well-rested return.

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