7 Tips For Planning A Budget-Friendly Spring Break

March 5, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s so much build up and hype about taking your kids on a memorable Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Instead of scrambling to find a room in one of the mainstream destinations, you can save money and create a unique vacation by thinking outside the box.

While we’re obviously quite fond of Lake Murray Country, we’ve got the family attractions to back it up! Whether you already call Lake Murray home, or it’s a short getaway from where you live, it’s the perfect Spring Break destination that doesn’t cause planning stress.

You don’t have to think about dining 180 days in advance or pay for an over-priced hotel room that’s not centrally located. No matter what your Spring Break budget allows, Lake Murray Country has an option for your family.

Tips for planning your family's spring break, without breaking the bank!

7 Tips For Planning A Budget-Friendly Spring Break

Focus Your Vacation Time – When you only have a week for vacation time, it’s best to focus your vacation down to a particular area or city. Airline connections to major cities are cheaper and, if you’re staying in the heart of the city, many attractions are within walking distance. Columbia, South Carolina is home to the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, The South Carolina State Museum and EdVentre Children’s Museum.

Dive Into Voluntourism – A popular trend involves skipping the tourist spots on spring break and budgeting a little time to help those in need. Students involved in these kinds of trips offer hours of service to help areas in need. These helpful journeys have been dubbed voluntourism.  With last year’s hurricane season, South Carolina still has some areas in need of rebuilding. It’s a great way to teach kids about acts of service and helping the community.

Use Coupon Websites To Plan Meals – There are some great coupon websites that allow you to purchase vouchers for a variety of things from restaurant gift cards, to local and nearby businesses. While you are planning the details of your upcoming adventure type in the zip code of your destination and see what kinds of deals pop up. You will be able to plan your cheapest meals and even find fun, nearby and affordable places to check out.

Look For Hotel Room Alternatives – To avoid paying premium prices for hotel rooms, look at alternatives to hotel rooms in your destination. Camping in Conagree National Park is an adventurous option for families that are looking to connect with nature. You can make reservations online, then just set up your tent and hammock for a relaxing alternative to the typical hotel room.

Find Group Rates – If you can travel with extended family, look for destinations that offer group rates. Many museums and sporting events offer group rates for larger parties. It’s a great way to save money and still visit top attractions.

Spend Time On The Water – One of the biggest gems of our region is Lake Murray. There are so many great activities that families can do together around the water. From swimming to fishing and hiking, many of these activities are budget-friendly. If you do feel like splurging a bit, consider an hourly boat rental and explore the 500 miles of shoreline.

Check Our Event Calendar – When you’re planning your Lake Murray vacation, check out our event calendar. There are many free family events, like festivals, that happen year-round. It might be worth your budget to see what are the upcoming events planned in region.