Ways to Support Local Restaurants

April 3, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the hospitality industry tries to navigate the corona crisis, here are a few ways you can support local restaurants…

Order Takeout

You can still eat at your favorite restaurant whether for pick up or
delivery. Several delivery services are now offering no contact delivery, which is an important precaution. Get takeout from a different restaurant each week. And, of course, remember to leave a nice tip.

Order Meal Kits and Catering

Restaurants are now offering weekly and daily meal kits for pick up and delivery. These are prepared packages that can feed an entire family. Some of the local restaurants in our region providing this are Alodia’s Cucina Italiana, Spotted Salamander, The Grand on Main and many others. Local catering companies such as Blue Marlin Signature Catering and 8th Wonder Cuisines are also providing catered meals ready for delivery. These catering companies that usually cater to large groups have lowered their minimums. Circulate the menu among your neighbors and plan to all dine on the front porch.


Buy Gift Cards

Support restaurants now by purchasing a gift card and dine with them later. These funds are immediately deposited into the restaurant. So, stocking up on these gift cards either for you or gifts is a great idea and will support the restaurants right now. If you know of a restaurant that isn’t currently offering gift cards, it might be worth reaching out to inquire how you can support them.

Write Positive Reviews

A quick and easy way to support restaurants right now is by writing a positive review on platforms such as Google and Yelp. Not only does this give a restaurant something to smile about during this gloomy time but it also has an impact. In the end, glowing words of appreciation will help attract more people. In addition, like and share restaurants’ social posts to your newsfeed. Encourage your social media friends to order take out, etc.


Special Occasions

Now is a great time to plan ahead for special occasions.  Everyone is doing more cooking than they are used to and many want to. So, cater a significant birthday, anniversary or upcoming Easter dinner. This will be a nice treat for everyone in the family, especially the head chef at home.

By: Jayne Baker