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Visiting The Region

Come explore the perfect blend of natural splendor and small-town charm in South Carolina's Saluda County. In the historic Town of Saluda, you can explore charming shops, and cozy eateries like Juniper, or learn about Saluda's battle heroes at the Saluda County Historic Museum and Theatre. Immerse yourself in the outdoors as you hike scenic trails or enjoy fishing and boating on beautiful Lake Murray. Discover the area's rich agricultural heritage at local farms and markets. Sample fresh gourmet pecans at The Nut House in Ridge Spring. With its green landscapes, warm hospitality, and Southern tranquillity, Saluda County invites you to slow down, unwind, and create unforgettable memories.

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Several gift shops, such as The Added Touch and C.B. Forrest & Sons, along with many country-style restaurants draw people to downtown Saluda and Ridge Spring. Find antique collectibles and furniture at Olde Treasures.  Take your shot at taming “The Ridge” on the Breeden-designed course at Persimmon Hill Golf Club. This public course lays claim to South Carolina’s longest par 5 on hole 18, boasting a grand 630 yards. Saluda County is also proud to host “the longest yard sale in South Carolina”, at the Peachtree 23, in Ridge Spring.

Saluda County is home to Alamo heroes James Butler Bonham and William Barrett Travis.

Where to Eat

Hungry? Stop by Juniper, a well-known “foodie” spot in Ridge Spring that serves locals and visitors from afar. Juniper’s Chef, Brandon Velie, is a South Carolina culinary celebrity. Chef Velie helped start the South Carolina Chef Ambassador program and the SC Certified produce program with the SC Department of Agriculture. Chef Velie has also had the honor of cooking at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City.

Stop by The Nut House to sample and purchase Saluda grown pecans! These pecans and pecan gift tins make the perfect gift for Christmas or any season. Don’t forget about their impressive selection of gourmet pecans including Roasted Pecans, Spiced Pecans, Pecan Chocolate Clusters, Pecan Pralines, and Pecan Stuffed Dates

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Saluda will never forget the Alamo. Col. William Barrett Travis and James Butler Bonham, both natives of Saluda County, are honored on the grounds of the Saluda Courthouse. Visit the Bonham House, built in 1780 and owned by Sophie Smith Bonham. Whos husband fought in the Revolutionary War and her son, James Butler Bonham, would become one of Saluda’s famed heros ,who died defending the Alamo. Another of her sons would go on to serve as a Civil War General and Governor of SC. Visit or call The Saluda County Historical Museum and Theatre for information and directions about the historic Bonham House (c.1780), which is the only existing birthplace of an Alamo hero and to the monument marking Travis’ birthplace.

Check out the mural depicting the Saluda Old Town Treaty of 1755 where “Old Hop”, and other chiefs of the Cherokee Nation, gave up much of their SC lands West of the Broad River. The English word “Saluda” comes from the Cherokee word “Tsaludiyi”, meaning “Green Corn Place”. Today Saluda is recognized as a National Historic District.